June 21, 2012

"That Generations to Come Might Know Them"


 That's one of the most important reasons we study the Civil War Today. When we study history, focusing on the Civil War, we learn so much in 1 hour, if we are interested in the Civil War, then taking a whole class on something you don't even care about. I am trying to say, if you care about something as big as the Civil War, then you need to write things down, and save them so "THAT GENERATIONS TO COME MIGHT KNOW THEM".This quote is not just referring to the Civil War, but any history in general. That is on the back of our "Connecticut Commemorates the Civil War 150th Anniversary" t-shirts. In the days to come, I will always come back to this one quote. "THAT GENERATIONS TO COME MIGHT KNOW THEM"

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