July 13, 2012

More Quotations

I was going through the book that I received from my towns public library, "The Oxford Dictionary of Civil War Quotations" and I found one quotation from Stephen Douglas. Stephen Douglas was a Us Senator from Illinois. Here is a little background information on Douglas from

In Congress, though one of the youngest members, he at once sprang into prominence by his clever defense of Jackson during the consideration by the House of a bill remitting the fine imposed on Jackson for contempt of court in New Orleans. He was soon recognized as one of the ablest and most energetic of the Democratic leaders. An enthusiastic believer in the destiny of his country and more especially of the West, and a thoroughgoing expansionist, he heartily favored in Congress the measures which resulted in the annexation of Texas and in the Mexican War -- in the discussion of the annexation of Texas he suggested as early as 1845 that the states to be admitted should come in slave or free, as their people should vote when they applied to Congress for admission, thus foreshadowing his doctrine of "Popular Sovereignty."

The quotation that I really liked was this:

        1. "Every man must be for the United States or against it. There can be no neutrals in this war; only patriots-or traitors".
                        ~Speech in Chicago, May 1, 1861

I believe that this is 100 percent true. I think that Douglas was trying to say something to the border states, but not directly say something, because if any border state decided to move to one side or another, it would terrible for any side.

More soldiers means more guns. More guns mean more balls flying at one time. More balls flying  at one time means more people will be killed or wounded at one time. 

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