June 22, 2012

Gettysburg National Battlefield

The Gettysburg National Battlefield, is one of the most commercialized battlefields in the country. Every where you look, there is a gift shop, or a restaurant, that is trying to "Get Rich Quick". In the past 10 year a lot has changed. The National Park Service and The Civil War Trust, has been buying residential and commercial houses and businesses that were not actually there on July 1,2 and 3, 1863 and tearing them down and planting grass. So, more and more, the town of Gettysburg, is looking the way it did 150 years ago. The Civil War Trust, ( , has also been trying to do the same exact things for a lot of the other National Battlefields. There is an ongoing project to save 14 acres of Chancellorsville. The 14 acres were associated to General Stonewall Jackson's famed flank on May 2, 1863. To donate or "give an acre", as a gift, please visit,

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  1. It is a great Battlefield to go vistit