June 23, 2012

Antietam National Battlefield

This next National Battlefield, that I will explain, is the complete opposite of Gettysburg. For one was the most bloodiest single day battle in American History. And Gettysburg was the bloodiest 3 day battle, so it is a little different their, but the big difference is the surroundings. Like  explained about Gettysburg, there is so much tourism, and everyone knows the Battle of Gettysburg on July 1,2 and 3rd, 1863, but Antietam is so much different from Gettysburg. The Town of Sharpsburg, surrounding the National Battlefield is almost identical to the way it looked 150 years ago. It is like the town is frozen in time. Yes, granted, there are some new building and churches, but, it almost looks the way it did when the battle took place on September 17, 1863. Our National Park Service Ranger, when we took the tour of the battlefield, said, that if you take the monuments off the battlefield, that's what is would have looked like 150 years ago. He also said, that the Gettysburg Monument Committee, tried taken money from the Antietam Budget, because they thought the Battle of Gettysburg was more important. But, a few months later, the NPS or the National Park Service, said no, that every battle in extremely important.

 Antietam is the best preserved battlefields in the United States, and Gettysburg is trying to do the same, as I mentioned in the Gettysburg National Battlefield Post, Gettysburg National Battlefield .

If you would like to vistit Antietam, One of the Best Preserved Battlefields, Visit the National Park Service website for more information. Antietam; NPS

In this Picture, you can really tell how open it is, and how difficult it would have been to bring Canons.

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